When and where are services held? We have two Sunday services. The 7:30 am service is held in our Seminar Room and is contemplative in nature, with meditation, an inspirational message and time for discussion. The 10:00 am service is held in our main sanctuary. We also have a Taize service at 7:00 pm every third Sunday of the month in the Seminar Room.

Is parking available? We have a parking lot adjacent to the church with ample parking. Just come to the top of Rock Hill Drive and you will find yourself in our parking lot. There is also parking in the cul de sac in front of the church and along the street. There are handicapped slots in the parking lot.

Are children welcome?
 We love having children come to church, and we offer childcare for elementary-aged children. Infant care is also provided.

What should I wear? 
You should wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. Many people dress casually when coming to church—jeans and T-shirts are perfectly fine—while some prefer to don their “Sunday-go-to-meetin’” clothes. “Nice but casual” describes how most people usually dress.

What can I expect when I come to a service? 
 You should expect a warm welcome! If you come to the earlier service, you can expect to be nurtured in an environment of contemplation and meditation. At the later service, you will likely find that the energy is high and the spirit lively. At both services the minister will offer an inspirational message.

Will someone try to “sell me” on your church? I don’t like to be pressured.
 We invite newcomers to introduce themselves if they would like to, but there is never any pressure to become involved or to make any commitments. If you are interested in learning more about the church and the activities that are available to you here, you may speak to the minister or to any member of the congregation.

What’s going on before and after the services? Occasionally between the services we have scheduled programs. Most Sundays the folks from the 7:30 service linger after church, sharing conversation over coffee. Likewise, after the 10:00 service, coffee and tea are available, and people linger to greet and talk with each other. Once a month after the 10:00 service we have a “fourth Sunday” gathering at which our moderator reports on the activities of our Governing Board. All are welcome at these meetings.

Where can I find a schedule of upcoming events and activities?
 We have a “Coming Up” section on every page of our website which lists three or four upcoming public events. All events scheduled at the church, e.g., various committee meetings, can be found on our online calendar.

Can I be involved in activities if I’m not a member?
 The only activity not open to non-members is voting in our annual elections. You are welcome to participate in any and all church activities which may be of interest to you.