Rock Hill Gallery

Art enhances our sacred space at CCC. Throughout the year, changing exhibits feature different artists and media.

Our Art Ministry Team, always on the lookout, visits open studios and art fairs to discover new art, as well as up and coming artists. We also eagerly follow through on referrals. Each Art member suggests an artist, and is curator/host for that exhibit. We all participate on hanging day, trying to make the hanging decisions by consensus. The artist may host a reception if he or she wishes, generally the first Sunday of the show. The gallery is open during the week. For hours call the office at 415-435-9108. The art can also be viewed during Sunday morning services.

April 30 – June 18, 2015

Fine art photographer Tom Jacobs

Tom’s work hung in the Gallery several years ago, and was a favorite among the congregation and visitors. His photographs offer rich colors and textures, strong composition, and intriguing subject matter. Customers commonly remark on his “painterly” style, and the stories the images tell — a moment and place in time:  a lone character, a derelict gatehouse, birds in flight. The photographs are printed on canvas. As is the case with canvas prints, Tom does all the work from image capture to the final art.

Click  here  to visit Tom’s website.

nr, hrdcm, usm 30, curves cont,  “Buoys Only”

                                                                                                     hrdc m, usm40, curves, some cloning, desat -15, ops

    “Either Oar”

     We hope you will visit our gallery soon!