Since 1990, we have been blessed with the accomplished talents of Scott DeTurk, pianist and composer. On most Sundays, Scott provides the music for our 10AM service, accompanying lively congregational singing and/or playing reflective pieces which invite us into a deeper meditative mood.

Scott also serves as accompanist for Choir Light, which meets for formal rehearsals one Wednesday a month, and also at 9:15 on Sunday mornings. All are welcome to sing with the choir by showing up at 9:15 and taking a place around the grand piano.

At Christmastime, Scott organizes and directs a Christmas concert, and also works with our minister and the choir to provide special music at Easter.

The creator and director of Choir Light is our minister, Rev. Curran Reichert, herself a gifted singer. Favoring spirited gospel and global music, she is splendidly able and willing to sing any form of music that will enhance the worship experience.