Since 1990, we have been blessed with the presence most Sundays of our wildly talented musical director Scott DeTurk, pianist and composer. Scott provides the music for our 10:00 am service, accompanying lively congregational singing and/or playing reflective pieces which invite us into a deeper meditative mood. Go to to learn about Scott’s musical academy.

Scott also serves as accompanist for the CCC Choir, which meets for formal rehearsals on the first Wednesday of the month, and also at 9:15 on Sunday mornings. Choral selections favor spirited gospel and global music, but also include hymns and other inspirational music, both old and new, at the director’s discretion.  All are welcome to sing with the choir by arriving at 9:15 and taking a place around the grand piano. 

Since 2015, Carl Oser has directed the CCC Choir. Carl brings great talent and enthusiasm to his work as our choir director, helping the choir to improve their vocal skills and to make beautiful music together. Carl and Scott collaborate to bring choral music to the 10:00 service most Sundays, and Carl is a gifted vocalist in his own right, often adding his voice to the 10:00 worship service. Learn more about Carl here:

Throughout the year we create special musical events such as the Valentine’s concert, featuring invited musical guests. We also have an annual Christmas concert featuring our choir and other wonderful singers such as Jan Pedersen Schiff’s Singers Marin. And Scott has created a fabulous jazz quartet called the Rock Hill Band who perform at CCC at least once a year.

Music is an important part of our church life, and we are a congregation who loves to sing together. Please join us in worship and song any Sunday!