CCC’s Sacred Space Team tends and enhances our land and buildings with a “good steward” faith perspective. How does that play out? Well, we approach our ministry using an earth-friendly, socially just, sustainable lens. It means we choose landscapes that attract native pollinators and use less water. We use non-toxic products for our fellowship gatherings and to clean up afterwards, then do our best to sort our trash so we send as little to the landfill as possible. Whenever we need to “renew” something, whether it be a deck, a carpet or a sofa, we ask ourselves what will most benefit Mother Earth and her people? In other words, we’re in it for the long haul.

On Village Workdays, which happen throughout the year, you’ll find us catching up with each other while we work in the garden, reorganize kitchen cupboards, fix stuff that’s broken — whatever’s needed. After a couple of hours, we relax enthusiastically around the table for a meal and conversation, including the reward of Drinks and Dessert! All hands and skills welcome and needed. Hope to see you. Want to know more or how to join in? Speak to us or email Gail Lester or Barb Killey

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