CCC is always growing, in spirit and in membership. We invite and welcome visitors, new members of all ages, and families of all kinds.

Our team reaches out to help our new friends engage in ways that make us a lively church community on and beyond Sunday mornings. We believe each person brings his or her own gifts and interests, and we welcome you to add your own special presence to our church life. Whether you’re a contractor or a musician, a geek or a chef, a gardener or a mystic, there are ways to share your passions at CCC.

A members’ photo board is in the works to help match faces to names.

Maybe you are church shopping, ready to join, or are in your first year or so of membership. We want to support you all along the way to make your connection with CCC welcoming and encouraging. Together we can deepen our spiritual bonds, experience the loving presence of the Divine among us and help each other to serve and celebrate.