Thrift Shop Volunteers

Wednesdays and every fifth Saturday are special days for the members of CCC who volunteer their time at the Tiburon Thrift Shop. They join volunteers from other churches, working three-hour monthly shifts, and their work benefits four local Tiburon Churches — including CCC, which receives as much as $1000 a month from the Thrift Shop —  and the Tiburon Landmark Society.

Visit the Thrift Shop website here: Find them on Facebook at: . They are located at 94 Lower Main Street in Tiburon.

Working at the Thrift Shop is fun! We work in teams of two, and all the volunteers have stories to tell about just how much they enjoy helping stock the merchandise, mingling with the customers and doing their own shopping. We all enjoy telling each other about the great items we have personally purchased.

There is always a demand for more salespeople (women & men) to volunteer for a three-hour shift once a month, so let us know if YOU would like to join the “sales force!” Your volunteer efforts are of great benefit to CCC.

You may contact the church office at 415.435.9108, or email Lois Karpenko at  or Marilyn Ryan at  for more information.