Full Moon Hikers

On or near the evening of the full moon, the full moon hikers (aka the “mooners”) gather and enjoy a special form of fellowship, hiking local trails and sharing the food we’ve brought in our backpacks (everything from sushi to trail mix to cheese and crackers to home-baked goodies to fruit and veggies — in short, anything you’d like to bring). As we gaze at the beautiful moon, we toast each other and the moon with a little port (supplied by the group leaders), feeling grateful for the opportunity to be together in nature. The evening is not complete without a group howl.

The hikes vary from short and easy to longer and a little more challenging. A few days before the hike, you will receive a detailed notice of where and when to meet. We step out every month, and only rainy weather keeps us from hiking. All are welcome; the more, the merrier! You may email Sandra Weil at sjeastburn@comcast.net to be put on the “mooners” contact list.